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Hello. Pleased to meet you. But the most important thing about us is that we’re all about you, your marketing goals, your competitive strengths, your customers and your brand personality.

Everything we sell  here is to create, design, write, build and  plan to improve your brand , strengthen your presence  and business relationship with customer and employees.

To that end, we have helped thousands of businesses to promote their businesses with our products.

We have injected excitement into our production lines and differentiated new products in crowded markets.

We’d like to help drive your brand forward and enrich your business, too.

Why choose Pen house?

  • A proven ability to create designs and stylize our product for you and your customers.
  • The creative energy of a small firm — with the flexibility, bandwidth, and broad capabilities of a large firm.
  • An expert team that engages audiences, brings messages to life, and ensures a cohesive brand voice across the customer of your business and friends.

Pen house helps your company communicate. With imagination, insight, intelligence. We get into the mind of your target audience, assess your competition, pinpoint your key benefits, clarify your message — and then deliver extraordinary attention and compel action.


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1771 Donax avenue San Diego California 92154

Welcome to Pen House